Raise investment
and evolve.
Faster. Smarter.

Engagement is everything, electrify potential investors with your Smarter Fundraising Envoy and accelerate your raise. Curated answers and insights to investors most pressing questions 24/7/365
Elevate your first contact    
Your AI Envoy
All your business questions, deck, model, Q&A available to interrogate
Improve your Deck
From DayOne use data to improve your messaging to investors
Instant Notifications
Get a message instantly when an investor asks a question
Stand out from the Crowd
See exactly what investors are asking about you and your business
Personalised Style
Understand your investors and better target answers to their requirements
Unique Feedback
See exactly what investors are asking about you and your business

Fundraising is Hard

You send out hundreds, sometimes thousands of decks, often with little or no meaningful feedback.
You need to communicate the magic of your startups in a few minutes. Investors receive your pitch deck and we hope that they see it, they read it, and that they understand our idea as we meant it - all in a few minutes. All the time we founders are under pressure to find customers, improve our product, innovate, move KPI's in the right direction and keep customers happy.

Cut through the noise

Communicate the magic of your startup using the future of fundraising & engagement tools - your Smarter Fundraising Envoy
We realised on our journey that we need a wingperson, a digital version of ourselves that can answer any question, anywhere, anytime, and all with our insight, uniqueness and vision - delivered in our tone-of-voice. Our Smarter Fundraising Envoy is always available providing curated answers and insights to potential investors most pressing questions 24/7.

Help Investors do their job

Enable your potential investors to see the magic - fast, in an easy, comprehensive and engaging manner that fits their process.
Your investors form an idea of your startup from first contact. By sharing your Smarter Investor Agent from that first contact, you control the narrative - when they have a question, you control the answer, when they want more information, you control what to answer and where to point them. Your Smarter Fundraising Envoy provides everything an investor needs from your deck to your model, your Q&A to your data room - and you control the narrative.